Sample Policy

Are you a brand or distributer looking to get in touch with us here at to review your products?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We often get emails from brands asking if we accept samples for review and in short, the answer is yes, yes we do and we love it! We do however ask for a few certain things to make sure we can give you the best and most fair outcome for a review possible.

Requirement One

Please submit all samples as factory sealed bottles, ideally no less than 200ml in size. We are happy to receive the cute mini bottles but bear in mind, if there’s not a lot to go round or be used, then we can’t be a broad as we like to in our reviews. For example, we prefer to sip from a tall glass, do a few shots and throw it in a classy cocktail then try with food in order to really appreciate the full extent of the product.
We can’t accept bottles that aren’t factory sealed (previously opened – it’s happened before and it’s a definitely safety risk for all of us here at

Requirement Two

We request that all samples are delivered in such a way that we incur no costs to receive it. All delivery charges must be handled by the company or individual who has sent the sample. If there are any other costs involved, ie: import taxes (we are currently based in the UK – nice and rainy 90% of the time, we need vodka to get through the grey gloom!), these must be paid for my you in advance or reimbursed prior to our review being published.

Requirement Three

We ask that you understand from the very start that our review will be unbiased and portray our honest opinions and thoughts regarding the product. Weather the review is good or bad or even neutral, it’ll be published on the site without any level of interference from the company / individual who provided the sample. We do not allow for previews prior to publishing.

Requirement Four

We ask that you understand and agree that the timing of publishing our review is at our discretion and our choice alone to decide when and if to publish, how long to leave it on the site for and the definitions of visibility to any user groups / demographics. Saying that, we do tend to review 100% of all submitted samples and in a fairly swift manner but all publication timing lays with us.

The Final Requirement

Our final requirement for all submitted samples is that all reviews and imagery created by us remain our intellectual property. Our reviews cannot be republished in whole or in part without our written permission. You may refer to our site and review on your websites and literature as well as provide relevant links. These reviews are our intellectual property and must be respected.

The Review Process

Once we receive a sample, we will take a good photo of the bottle(s) or source a decent image from a reliable source. These images will be used in the review and across the site if applicable.

We try to sample each spirit at least three times, usually this involves at least two team members, including myself, ‘The Vodka Girl’. We take notes of the spirit and discuss the findings, collate comments and use this as the basis of the review. Usually we try the drink neat or on ice, at three different temperatures, in cocktails, as single shots and with food so as to get the widest possible breadth of material for the review.

Once we’re happy with our tastings, a member of our team will pen a review, send it to other team mates to check their is a consensual agreement and then publish it when we feel fit.

Once this is done, we seal the bottle and return to it at a later date should we take a fancy to it. (This happens a lot more than one would expect!)

Get in touch with us via the Contact Form and we’ll look forward to sampling your delicious vodka.