Ciroc Pronunciation

How do you pronounce Ciroc?

Ciroc pronunciation is something that’s appeared on my analytics more and more often. It’s a question that I’d deem worthy of a post, albeit it small but hopefully helpful to you. It’s also something that’s asked of me quite often in bars, at home with friends or overhead in conversations in clubs, how do you pronounce Ciroc Vodka?

Once you’ve learnt how to pronounce Ciroc, why not check out the best prices to buy Ciroc Vodka online? I’ve spent a lot of time looking for it as it’s definitely one of my preferred vodkas. Check the curated list below:

Hilariously, the Ciroc pronunciation has come under debate amongst many but simply by watching Youtube videos and interviews with Sean Combs (read more on Ciroc vodka and it’s brand here), you’ll see the general consensus is that the way to pronounce Ciroc is SEAR-ROK / SEER-ROCK. Check out the video below to have a lovely and pleasant robot speak it out aloud for you:

I heard people say CHAIR-rock, CHER-ROCK (slightly correct but a little bit too harsh on the finish – less emphasis on the K at the end of Rock), Shia-roque, share-rock (also marginally similar).

To further add emphasis to the pronunciation, check out the video of Reijjie Snow (an incredible hip hop artist from Dublin, now signed to 300 entertainment) talk about his love for Guinness and trying Ciroc Apple –  note his pronunciation as well as the interviewers:

Well, you should by now be able to pronounce Ciroc Vodka and whilst this may not be an entirely enthralling read, hopefully it’ll help make you sound somewhat more informed and able to let people know the correct and incorrect way to pronounce it; P Diddy would be proud! I recommend celebrating by buying a bottle online and toasting your new found knowledge! Ciroc pronunciation, when done properly, is a major step in becoming a vodka afficionado!